MISSION STATEMENT                                                                

The Historic Conley Hills Neighborhood Association (HCHNA) is a neighborhood-based organization dedicated to looking out for the overall health, welfare and safety of our neighborhood.

HCHNA is also interested in having a part in shaping the future of our neighborhood as that pertains to decisions made by our city or county government, and private commercial enterprises that do business in our nearby neighborhoods.


In 2008 HCHNA is going back to the basics. We need to get community involvement revitalized. We need to hear from you and know who you are, what you are happy about and what ideas you have as it relates to the neighborhood. We also need to see you not only at the monthly meetings (second Thursday night of every month) but also out and about as the weather allows and as we take on neighborhood projects.

On the flip side, HCHNA leadership needs to work for you. We are committed to informing and representing the residents of this neighborhood fairly and accurately. That means providing residents with accurate information from external parties such as the City of East Point, residential developers, and others. And this also means representing the wishes of the majority of our residents when we go to meetings at City Hall or we approach external parties (Hint: which is why it is SO important to come to meetings or talk to us).


Of course this all sounds very serious and it is. We want to foster a sense of COMMUNITY, and community PRIDE. But who says we can't have fun too? Our meetings are informal and it is a great way to catch up with new and old neighbors. We also plan on having a few social get togethers this year (maybe along with some of our fellow neighborhood associations nearby). So come, join, meet some great people, socialize, network, and have fun!