The name of the association is the Historic Conley Hills Neighborhood Association (HCHNA). This association shall not be operated as a non-profit organization. It shall hold a checking account identified by a Federal ID number



The purposes of the association are (a) to determine issues that are important to the neighborhood, (b) to communicate with residents’ issues in order to be proactive in dealing with problems and opportunities, (c) to work with the city and other organizations to better the neighborhood, (d) to communicate with the neighborhood and with other neighborhood associations and organizations, (e) to encourage historic preservation.



The mission of HCHNA is to preserve, protect, and enhance our strong and diverse neighborhood located near the heart of the City of East Point.



Section 1: Membership in the association is open to people who are residents or whose business is located within the neighborhood boundaries. 

Section 2: The official neighborhood boundaries are: Headland Drive North; Kimmeridge Drive, to the West; Washington Avenue South; and Semmes Street, to the East. 

Section 3: Dues are $10.00 per residence annually. Dues are payable at the first meeting in January and shall be paid no later than the March meeting. There shall be no membership fee or dues to attend the meeting.


Section 1: The fiscal year shall extend from January 1 through December 31.  


Section 1: The business affairs of the association shall be managed by officers consisting of: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. 

Section 2: Officers shall be homeowners in good standing (dues paid and attend meetings on a regular basis), and live inside the boundaries of HCHNA. 

Section 3: Officers are elected by secret ballot at the annual meeting in November from a slate nominated by members at the October meeting. 

Section 4: Members must be 18-years old or older, live within the boundaries, and attended at least six prior meetings to vote. Only one vote per residence will be accepted when voting for the officers. 

Section 5: Elected officers will serve a one-year term, and shall not receive any compensation. The Web Master shall be appointed by the officers. 

Section 6: Should there be a vacancy of President, the Vice President will serve as Interim President until such time that an official election will take place. For the time until an election can occur, a committee consisting of the Vice President, Secretary, and the remaining officers will be convened. A Nominating Committee will be voted on by the membership of the association. The committee will conduct a search for candidates to replace the outgoing President and will convene a special meeting to elect the new President. 

Section 7: In the event of a vacancy in the office other than that of the President, the vacancy will be filled by election at a subsequent regular meeting of the association.

Section 8: Officers may be removed from office for:

A:A failure to attend three consecutive meetings without notification or explanation.

B.Failure to perform their duties as described in Article VII 



Section 1: The duties of the President are to preside over all meetings of the association, to represent the association, if needed, at the City Hall Meetings, Town Hall Meetings, or other neighborhood association meetings. 

Section 2: The duty of the Vice President is to preside over meetings in the absence of the President, and to succeed in the office of the Presidency in the event of a vacancy in that position. 

Section 3: The duties of the Secretary are to keep accurate records of all meetings, to keep a list of all members, and to assist in preparing any correspondence that may be needed by the association. 

Section 4: The duties of the Treasurer are to disburse funds as directed, to keep proper financial records, and to make regular reports of the association’s financial status. The President and Treasurer will both be signature holders on the account. 

Section 5: The duties of the Web site master are to keep the Web site up-to-date of any activities that may be of interest to the community, in a timely manner.



Section 1: Meetings will be held monthly on the second Thursday of each month, excluding December, at a location accessible to all individuals, unless a vote is taken by members to postpone a monthly meeting. 

Section 2: HCHNA meetings are open to those who live within the surrounding area and/or have an interest in the organization. 

Section 3: The annual meeting in October will be held for the purpose of electing officers for the upcoming year. The meeting will also be a regular meeting for the purpose of other business. At this meeting, nominations for officers will be made with the consent of the nominee. Elections will be held in November for new officers to take office at the January meeting. 

Section 4: Special call meetings may be called by the President or requested in writing by a majority of members. 

Section 5:  Notice of meetings shall be made public by the placing of notification signs at least four days prior to meeting, and Web site listing. Notice may also be made by e-mail if members have given consent of their e-mail address to be used for that purpose. 


Section 1: Committees are formed and voted for approval from the membership body, guided by a chairperson who answers to the officers. 


Section 1: All meetings of the association will be guided by Robert’s Rule of Order. Conduct at meetings and special events shall also fall under the Robert’s Rule of Order. 


Section 1: The association’s bylaws may be amended or revised following review and approval at the beginning of each new year or a special meeting called for such purpose. 


Section 1: All e-mail addresses will be confidential, and used only for the purpose of notification of meetings or events. Any e-mail sent by the secretary shall be blind-closed copied to prevent e-mail addresses from being copied and possibly spammed.